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i need more practice w flowers

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commission done for sailorkami !!

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happy birthday to my lovely friend purpurastar i love you star i hope you have a great day!!!

Anonymous: Do you like ichihime because your art style of an ichihime artist I used folloe on DA before she left. Her name was love2dancesilly

yes thats me!!! i left DA about 4 years ago i think? haha…  

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im soryr im late 

la-femme-anonyme: That Rose with a mohawk is simultaneously the most heartbreaking and hilarious thing I've ever seen. My hats off to you for bringing such wonderful imagery into this world!

THANK YOU SO MCUH it just gives me so much strength 

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hi im gonna start taking commissions to earn some quick cash for things (like gas money)!! 

general pricing ranges from $15- 25 (prices are flexible) 

sketch > lineart > full color+ shading

+$3 for an extra character 

i can draw original characters, fanart, fan characters, couples

i will not do nsfw/porn/gore sorry

details: you can either send me a fanmail or email me at ryoukaboy @ hotmail dot com (if you do use fanmail just note that tumblr tends to eat messages!! ) just send me your request and a couple of references

full payment upfront, paypal only (USD)

when im finished i’ll email back the finished product to you also if  you dont want me to post on tumblr just say so!! 

if you arent interested but like to help i would extremely appreciate for a signal boost!! thank you so much for reading!!! 

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